Home Chef Meal #4

Today was the last day of Home Chef meals. I worked late the past several days, so the meal was postponed until tonight. The dish was “Buffalo Turkey Burger,” and included ground turkey, sweet potatoes, celery sticks, liquid egg, green onions, Panko breadcrumbs, Frank’s red hot sauce, blue cheese, slaw mix, and pretzel buns.

Despite the plan to stick to the recipe, I HATE (and hate is a strong word) hot sauce (Picky Point #6).  So I decided to use a little culinary freedom and 86’d the hot sauce. The cole slaw was supposed to be made with olive oil and hot sauce. Oh hell no! I made regular cole slaw, with mayonnaise, lemon juice, and vinegar. Anyone who is closely following the blog is saying, “Wait a minute, she doesn’t like mayo!” You are correct. But something magical happens when you mix mayo in with other ingredients. It doesn’t taste like mayo.

I’m also not a fan of blue cheese (Picky Point #7). But since I was skipping the hot sauce, I felt guilty not using the blue cheese. I started eating the burger and thought it was okay. When I reached the middle of the burger, which had the highest quantity of blue cheese, (full disclosure here), I spit it back out onto my plate. Typical 4-year-old move. The second half of my burger went in the fridge as leftovers for my husband.

A critique of Home Chef is if you don’t use the ingredients promptly, you risk them going bad. By not preparing it within 5 days of receiving the food, we had some mold on the pretzel buns.

Summary for Home Chef experience: I really liked one of the four meals sent, two were okay, and one was um… spit back out. Four meals of Home Chef (for 2 people) is $79.60, which averages to $9.95/person per meal. There is a $40 discount for the first week. The ingredients were all packaged together by meal, so you don’t have to guess which is parsley. The only reason I noticed is because the Blue Apron meals came today and they are all loose in the box. So you have to know which is parsley versus cilantro. Don’t laugh! We can’t all be Rachel Ray.

Coming up this week, three meals from Blue Apron.

My rating: 1/5          Hubby rating: 4.75/5


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