Blue Apron #1

Tonight I laid out the ingredients for “Fresh fettuccine with beet, goat cheese, and poppy seeds.” The first thing my husband said was, “That is not going to be enough goat cheese.” He freely admits to being a cheese whore and a bread whore. If we’re going to be honest here, so am I.

In ordering Blue Apron, there were only six dish options and you choose three. I wanted to choose the Za’atar roasted broccoli salad, but when I tried I wasn’t able to choose the other meals I wanted. It was like a bundle. You can choose this bundle or that, but not one meal from this and two meals from that.

Ironically, the meal I wanted to sub out was this one (because the hubby doesn’t really like beets). The irony is I LOVED this meal! He liked it too! It contains fresh fettuccine, beets, rainbow chard, chives, garlic, butter, fromage blanc (white cheese in French), poppy seeds, and crumbled goat cheese. I like all of the ingredients. A miracle of miracles, no picky points today!

I like beets, but up until now I haven’t found good ways to incorporate them into a meal. I will definitely be making this again! If the rest of the meals by Blue Apron are like this, they will get ranked higher than the Home Chef meals.

Blue Apron charges $59.94 for three meals, which averages to $9.99/person per meal. They had a $30 discount for the first week of food.

My rating: 5/5          Hubby rating: 4.75/5




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