Blue Apron Meal #3

Tonight’s meal of the day was “Pibil-style pork with spinach and citrus rice.” The dish was inspired by “cochinita pibil.” I had no idea what either pibil or cochinita pibil meant, so like always, google to the rescue. According to cochinita pibil is the pride of the Yucatan peninsula–a dish of smoky, slow-roasted pork marinated in a special  blend of ingredients including cinnamon, allspice, and achiote (annatto) seed. The cochinita part means baby pig. This recipe obviously substituted the pork chops and went for the pibil-style.

The ingredients for this dish were boneless, center-cut pork chops, long grain white rice, spinach, cara cara orange, lime, garlic, cilantro, scallions, pork spice blend (the pibil seasoning), and pickled jalapeño pepper. Maybe for this meal I should name the things I do like instead of the things I don’t. I like rice, spinach, orange, garlic, and scallions. Therefore, the remaining ingredients encompass Picky Point numbers 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

This was the most disappointing meal so far. We didn’t even add the pickled jalapeño pepper. I firmly stood my ground on this. The hubby thought mixing the ingredients together would make the peppers tolerable. I guarantee it wouldn’t have improved this dish, to picky eaters anyway. The pork spice marinate was really overwhelming and not in a good way. Since the spinach was sautéed in the fond of the pork chops (per recipe instructions), they also were coated in the marinade.

I ate the rice. I couldn’t even convince my husband (who does NOT like to waste food) to eat what I didn’t. I did try everything, including the pickled jalapeño peppers, but hated most of the meal.

This is the end of Blue Apron dishes. Overall, we loved the beet fettuccine meal. My husband liked the blue cheese turkey burger, but I didn’t. We both didn’t like this meal. He states he would give it a 2/5, but I give it a 0.5 (only for the rice). The last picture from tonight’s meal is what I ended up throwing away.

Blue Apron is a huge pain in the ass to cancel. You have to send an email to get emailed instructions back, then you have to cancel on a DESKTOP computer. For whatever reason, the layout on the mobile site doesn’t allow you to get to the cancellations. Blue Apron is one of the biggest advertisers of their product, so it could sway people to choose their product. This is exactly why I’m trying different companies, so I can rate each company based on their food.

My rating: 0.5/5         Hubby rating: 2.5/5



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