Green Chef Meal #1

Today was the first day of Green Chef. One of the cool things about this company is you have options for carnivore, omnivore, paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan. The cost for 3 meals a week is $89.94 ($14.99 per person per meal), so this company is quite a bit more expensive than the others. There is a $50 discount for the first week.

I chose what I thought would be the meal I would like best of the three. They don’t give you ANY OPTIONS for choosing meals, like the other companies. You do get to put in your preferences within your dietary selection (ours was carnivore), such as no seafood, no lamb, and no game. But otherwise there are no choices.

Tonight we made dijon-maple chicken with herb-roasted parsnip fries and snap pea-cabbage slaw with dried cranberries. There was chive-parsley vinaigrette for the slaw, paprika-thyme spice blend for the parsnip fries, and dijon-maple sauce for the chicken.

I was excited to try the parsnip fries. When I opened the paprika-thyme spice blend and smelled it, I had a feeling I would not like it. I was tempted to instead use olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. But as I have committed to trying new things, I made it as directed by the recipe. And as I suspected, I didn’t like the parsnip fries because of the seasoning.

I don’t like dijon mustard (Picky Point #14), but thought maybe the maple would mellow out the spice of the mustard. It didn’t.  I thought the slaw would be the redeeming factor for the meal; I like chives and parsley. Instead the slaw was spicy, and you all know I don’t do spicy. In fact, everything was spicy in this meal. I tried a bite of all of it, but didn’t eat more than that bite (sigh). One positive is the preparation was easy and everything was portioned out, so there wasn’t much prep.

This was the meal that was supposed to be the one I would like out of the three sent. I just wish I could choose three meals from a group of six. I guess because they cater to multiple dietary styles, maybe they don’t want to have multiple different dishes in each category.

My rating: 0.25/5         Hubby rating: 4/5



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