Green Chef Meal #2

Tonight we made “white bean chili with sweet potatoes, wild rice, and corn-cabbage slaw.” It was a quick and easy recipe taking only 35 minutes to prepare. It contained cannellini beans, sprouted rice, sweet potatoes, corn, crushed tomatoes with pickled peppers, ancho-cumin spice blend, green peppers, yellow onion, monterey jack cheese, red and green cabbage, ancho-herb apple cider vinaigrette, scallions, cilantro, and garlic.

The pickled peppers made the meal spicy. I didn’t eat the chili because it was too hot and spicy for me. Before I continue, I want to explain the reason I don’t eat spicy dishes. I have a geographic tongue (also called benign migratory glossitis). It occurs in up to 3% of the population. Many people with this are asymptomatic, but some people with it report increased sensitivity to hot and spicy foods (that’s me!).  Geographic tongue is irregular patches on the surface of the tongue that give it a map-like appearance. The change in pattern on the surface of the tongue occurs  where there is a loss of the tiny, finger-like projections, called papillae, on the tongue. The areas of patches move from day to day. Symptoms can include soreness and burning (University of Maryland Medical Center). I have always been sensitive to spicy foods. So pickled peppers make Picky Point #15; that’s a lot of P’s!

(Example of geographic tongue–not mine.)

The corn-cabbage slaw with ancho-herb apple cider vinaigrette was good. It b
ordered on spicy, but I was able to eat it.

My husband ate the chili but, as is typical for him, there wasn’t enough cheese. He added some shredded cheese we had on hand, because the chili was a bit spicy even for him. So far I’ve only eaten the slaw in the past 2 meals. It isn’t a good track record for this company.

My rating: 2/5 (for the slaw)          Hubby rating: 2.25/5




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